Replaceable, or Irreplaceable?

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By Bryan Tan Van Hong

Publicity Associate at YPC. Currently working in Esyms, an online pharmacy platform and Registered Pharmacist at a retail pharmacy. Oh, and not to forget, pun enthusiast.

Written by Bryan Tan – Marketing and Communications Associate at YPC, currently a PRP at a retail pharmacy, and pun enthusiast


The director of the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) Datin Dr Faridah Aryani Md Yusof stated that amidst the impending Industrial Revolution 4.0, pharmacists roles will not be replaced by technology. It is still a field which requires human touch.

“The services and advice provided by pharmacists should not be replaced despite the advancement in technological aspects such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics,” said Dr Faridah after the closing ceremony of the recent Negeri Sembilan Pharmacy conference. “IR 4.0 doesn’t just involve robotics, but also Big Data, which requires humans to operate.”

We know for a fact that the advancement in technology is inevitable, and there WILL be some aspects in the pharmacist profession which will be operated by machines. However, as Dr Faridah stated, the core role of a pharmacist involves humanly interaction with patients and this is not possible with machines alone.

Do you agree with Dr Faridah’s statements?


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