MPS-YPC has recently elected its new batch of Steering Committee for the year 2020 – 2022. There is a significant difference in the new committee as there was a complete revamp on the structure prior to our election.

The previous committee saw the growing community of young pharmacists and the increasing need for YPC to be a more structured organisation with well-defined roles. Hence, the following organisational chart was established.

Cedric Chua


Lok Kok Hou

Deputy Chairperson

Vincent Yeoh

Honorary Secretary

Yap Ai Ching

Assistant Secretary

Ooi Zher Yew

Honorary Treasurer

Yong Chin Yoong

Assistant Treasurer

Marketing and Communication

Sean Liew

Vice Chairperson (Marketing & Communication)

Sim Yan Jinn

Interim Creative Director

Sally Ng Swee Li

Interim Publicity Director

External Affairs

Yong Wai Lee

Corporate Relations Director

Huin Weng Kit

Public Engagement Director

People and Development

Sharon Ding

Vice Chairperson (People & Development)

Thum Enn Yi

Professional Development Director

Shiu Dione Moey

Interim Professional Networking Director

Project Operations

Tan Run Shi

MCPS Project Director

Ng Yi Ling

MyCPBF Project Director

Jane Lee Jia Jing

MIHS Project Director

Ng Shu Hui

PIPI Project Director