Malaysian Clinical Pharmacy Symposium (MCPS)

MCPS is an initiative of YPC to cater to the ever-growing need of hospital pharmacist in translating clinical knowledge into daily practices. It is also a continuous effort to enhance the clinical experience of young pharmacists, and deliver in-depth discussions on clinical pharmacy. Featuring advanced clinical knowledge and skills, based on real-life case discussions and evidence-based medicine (EBM), MCPS aims to bridge the knowledge gap between the experienced pharmacists and the young pharmacists.

Chong Chin Pin

Words from Chong Chin Pin, Founder of MCPS (2018)

The idea of initiating the Malaysian Clinical Pharmacy Symposium (MCPS) stemmed from the monthly Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Workshop series held over an hour on selected weekdays. Recognizing the need to provide more in-depth discussions to cater to the ever-growing clinical advancements and crucial need to stay abreast with these latest developments, MPS-YPC initiated MCPS to deliver advanced up-to-date and evidence-based clinical knowledge to young pharmacists. Through MCPS, we wish to bridge the knowledge gap between junior and experienced clinical pharmacists, and stimulate “out-of-the-box” thinking among young pharmacists.

With these objectives in mind, we organized the first MCPS in March 2018, and focused on critical and intensive pharmaceutical care services. With a team of committed organizing committee members and prestigious speakers, we delivered a fruitful half day workshop to our enthusiastic audience. It was an exciting and rewarding experience for us indeed, as we received overwhelming support from our participants, and broke the MPS-YPC event attendance record.

The upcoming MCPS in December 2018 will be revolving around pharmacotherapeutics and pharmaceutical care in oncology, covering topics such as chemotherapy, supportive care, targeted therapy, and also introducing new insights on cancer treatment in Malaysian settings. Following our success in the first MCPS, we wish to reach out to more young pharmacists and provide more in-depth discussions while maintaining affordable ticket prices. Through our humble initiative, we hope to continuously instill young pharmacists with a broader yet more in-depth view of clinical pharmacy practice, thereby empowering them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to translate evidence-based medicine (EBM) into day-to-day clinical practice.