1.  “We need you!”

  • We are looking for assistants and associates to expand our YPC
  • We welcome all the young pharmacists to join our team and
    leverage your membership in this professional organization!

2.  Value as a YPC member:

  • A network of support

    We are a group of passionate pharmacists with h4 unity and are your first point of contact for young pharmacists. In YPC, we have a network of committees who always work together to uphold the integrity of pharmacy profession, ensuring the members are provided with new insights, support & resources. Therefore, it’s definitely the perfect place to enhance your network, further your career and achieve your dream.

  • A platform to voice out

    We appreciate that it can be difficult to raise concerns especially when you are still fresh in working life and we are concerned about it too. In YPC, we provide a platform for you to voice out any of your concern in your career path, at the same time improve the pharmacy profession and their fitness to practice.

  • Dedicated to advocacy for the profession

    YPC is vigorously advocating a broader role for pharmacists, eg in digital healthcare, industry, researches etc through events to keep the members updated with latest news & resources. Ideally, pharmacist should always be an active contributor to various committees in their respective field. Therefore, we are engaging all pharmacists out there to promote and lead the desired direction of the profession.

  • Build a better resume

    Professional association like MPS-YPC give you an opportunity to develop your skills as a leader, and this is important not only for your personal growth, but for your growth in your firm. This is absolutely impressive to current or future employers as it shows that you are dedicated to staying connected in your profession.

  • Stay Inspired and Stay Motivated

    Learn to love what you do! You may not even know that you love something, but it’s important to be proactive about things you discover on the journey. Join YPC together and leverage on its influence to lead and promote the future of pharmacy TODAY.

Current available positions (updated 9 February 2020)


1. Flagship Event Committee


1. Malaysian Community Pharmacy Business Forum 2020

2. Malaysian Innovative Health Symposium 2020

3. Malaysian Clinical Pharmacy Symposium 4.0 

4. Malaysian Clinical Pharmacy Symposium 3.1

If you are interested, kindly fill in the application form below

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MPS-YPC?

Malaysian Pharmacists Society – Young Pharmacists Chapter (MPS-YPC) is
a chapter of the MPS, a professional association for pharmacists in Malaysia.
MPS-YPC consist of young pharmacists registered with the Pharmacy Board
of Malaysia below 35 years old or recent graduates of pharmacy.

How do I become a MPS-YPC member?

There are two form of members:

(i) MPS-YPC Member

Young pharmacists who are under the age of 35 and hold a MPS membership
are qualified as MPS-YPC members. Members have the full rights to the proceedings of MPS-YPC and are eligible to stand for MPS-YPC steering
committee position and voting in MPS-YPC meetings.

(ii) MPS-YPC Associate
Young pharmacist who are under the age of 35 but not the members of MPS are considered as MPS-YPC Associate. They can participate in all MPS-YPC activities but is not eligible to vote in the Chapter Assembly or stand for MPS-YPC steering committee positions.
Both the members and associates are eligible to attend the MPS-YPC Annual
Business Meeting (ABM), MPS-YPC meetings, activities and events.

What is the commitment to be a YPC committee?

In MPS-YPC, a tenure of committee last for 2 years. Therefore, YPC committee will contribute for 2 years under one tenure.