Pharmaceutical Industry Pharmacists Insights (PIPI)

PIPI is a special initiative geared towards promoting in-depth insights on the landscape of the pharmaceutical industry and the diverse roles a pharmacist can play in the profession, apart from the more traditional options of being a community or hospital pharmacist. This was in response to the subsequent growing interest for alternative workplaces. In this event, the pharmacy graduates, pharmacy students and young pharmacists are exposed to different environment in pharmaceutical industry.

Sharon Ding Wensze

Words from Sharon Ding Wensze, Chairperson of PIPI 2018

Pharmaceutical Industry Pharmacists’ Insights (PIPI) 2018 was not in my original to-do-list for the year 2018.

I decided to take up this challenge as I wanted to bring myself out of my comfort zone. Till date, I feel that it is still one of the greatest moves I have done in the year 2018.

I also tried arranging a larger variety of events this year – for example, I proposed a collaborative event together with the National Young Lawyers Committee. This aspect of a collaborative event really fascinates me as it encourages inter-collaboration among different professionals and shows we do not have to be limited to activities amongst ourselves only.

Many may praise that we have a really good line-up of speakers’, but one thing that they may not know is some speakers were contacted after looking at their amazing profile found in the media, without knowing them prior. I’m glad to know all the good speakers are willing to share their knowledge to others. It is certainly exciting to wait for the red letter day to come on 11th of August, 2018!

Lastly, be brave, not to try something others don’t dare to try, but challenge yourself to do something you wouldn’t dare to try. You will certainly be amazed at what you can achieve if you put your mind to it and commit!

Jonathan Wong

Words from Jonathan Wong, Chairperson of PIPI 2019

The inaugural Pharmaceutical Industry Pharmacists’ Insight (PIPI) started off with sharing ideas and information about pharmacy profession in the industry, which grow to the extensive idea of general intellectual and the essential requirement of a pharmacist as the commercial business collaborator. PIPI 3.0 was in collaboration with MPS Industrial Chapter on the goal of profession value driven and set to spill the beans featuring a revolutionary theme, Beyond “A”normous where it describes pharmacists’ value beyond Poison A license holder. A forum regards industrial pharmacists’ value had taken place with the input and sharing by PhAMA, MOPI, MAPS, MPS and Pharmacy Board Malaysia.

Pharmacy is definitely one of the greatest professions in the healthcare industry yet it is not being fully appreciated and valued in Malaysia. At present, with the extraordinary input of pharmacy profession in the pharmaceutical industry, appreciation and profession endorsement will be able to empower pharmacists to stay strong and be recognised as the healthcare system collaborator, a pharmaceutical industry player, and most importantly as the game changer.