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Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society – Young Pharmacist Chapter is the fastest growing young pharmacists organisation and represents the voices of more than 10,000 pharmacists in the nation. It is an organisation of the people: by pharmacists, for pharmacists.

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We Answer Common Questions About The D614G Mutation Last updated on
Nope, D614G is not the latest breed of durians in town. We hate to burst your bubble, but it is a mutation on the original COVID-19 virus. Simply put, SARS-CoV-2 got an upgrade, for better or for worse. Source: Giphy The recent announcement on 16th August by DG Datuk Dr Noor Hisham that the D614G-type [...]
COVID-19 Vaccine Updates: Latest Worldwide Developments, Malaysia’s Involvement, and Barriers to Vaccine Success Last updated on
Once upon a time, there was a pandemic called COVID-19. It was evil and contagious, causing the deaths of millions across the globe. Everyone feared it, and we were powerless against it. That is, until Vaccine X came about and we were all saved. Everyone could finally resume their day-to-day routine! This sounds like a [...]
COVID-19 Treatment Updates: Remdesivir’s Coming To Malaysia, and KKM Releases Latest Treatment Guidelines Last updated on
Remdesivir in Malaysia As everyone eagerly awaits results from clinical trials regarding treatment and vaccination option(s) for COVID-19, a possible “knight in shining armour” emerges: Remdesivir. Remde-saviour? Currently, the medication is undergoing 6 separate clinical trials for COVID-19: 2 initiated by Gilead (the manufacturer) (moderate & severe manifestations) 2 by health authorities in China (mild/moderate [...]

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Remember the write-up I wrote about the use of convalescent plasma in COVID-19 a few months back? Fret not, here’s the link for you to catch up about it (if you wish to do so) before indulging the rest of this follow-up article regarding my first ever scientific publication on this topic. How it all [...]

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It will not be a pharmacist article series if we do not end it with the viewpoint of pharmacists. However, as we have covered a regular working pharmacist in the government sector already, we decided to up the ante. In our last Pandemic Struggles article, we will take a look at the maknae (youngest) member of [...]

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The new norm of RMCO: Register your arrival by scanning the MySejahtera QR code and have your body temperature checked using a non-contact infrared thermometer (familiar with the ‘dit’ sound? or “dah tembak?” or “dah check”?) before entering any shops or premises in Malaysia. Scanning the QR code serves to facilitate contact tracing in the [...]