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MPS-YPC is short for Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society – Young Pharmacist Chapter. It is the largest chapter under MPS, representing the interest of more than 10,000 pharmacists in the nation.

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Family planning a human right Last updated on
Shush! Family planning – a common taboo in our society. Many still tread lightly around this topic. Family planning education is important and should be made available to everyone. Due to the lack of education, it is not a surprise that unintended pregnancies are still occurring. Other areas that also contribute to this are the [...]
Getting to know: First Malaysia-produced PharmD Graduate Last updated on

We had the honour of meeting the first Malaysian-produced Doctor in Pharmacy (PharmD) graduate. Dr. Chong Chin Pin, or more commonly known as CP by those who know him personally, who is also YPC’s treasurer, recently graduated and received the PharmD title. We sat down and spoke to him in hopes of obtaining a clearer […]

Announcement on New Pharmacy License Application Last updated on

Starting from 1 January 2019, all applications for pharmacy licenses and permits will be associated with a newly imposed fee. The amendments are as follow: “I) Di bawah Peraturan 28 Peraturan-Peraturan Racun (Pindaan) 2018 iaitu :  28. (1) An Application for a licence under the Act shall be accompanied by the following fees:     […]

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Last updated on
Written by Sera Chin – Dietitian In a scientific plant-based nutrition and medicine congress (VegMed 2018) held in Berlin this April, intermediate results from an on-going preliminary study on the effects of intermittent fasting with a plant-based diet in the treatment of cancer were presented. One of the participants of the study, who was in [...]
Last updated on
Written by John Yeo - Pharmacist, Business Development Manager at Advanx Health Back when I was a graduate in the year 2015, I was excited and enthusiastic about starting my career as a pharmacist. I had made internship applications even before my finals as I did not want to waste any time waiting. Many among my [...]
Last updated on
Written by Dr. Mohd. Farooq Shaikh – Senior Lecturer, Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Monash University Malaysia As many of us know, epilepsy is the third leading disease among other neurological disorders that affect millions of people worldwide. An international meta-analysis revealed that the prevalence rate is approximately 1 in every 157 [...]

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