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COVID-19 Vaccine Updates: Latest Worldwide Developments, Malaysia’s Involvement, and Barriers to Vaccine Success Last updated on
Once upon a time, there was a pandemic called COVID-19. It was evil and contagious, causing the deaths of millions across the globe. Everyone feared it, and we were powerless against it. That is, until Vaccine X came about and we were all saved. Everyone could finally resume their day-to-day routine! This sounds like a [...]
COVID-19 Treatment Updates: Remdesivir’s Coming To Malaysia, and KKM Releases Latest Treatment Guidelines Last updated on
Remdesivir in Malaysia As everyone eagerly awaits results from clinical trials regarding treatment and vaccination option(s) for COVID-19, a possible “knight in shining armour” emerges: Remdesivir. Remde-saviour? Currently, the medication is undergoing 6 separate clinical trials for COVID-19: 2 initiated by Gilead (the manufacturer) (moderate & severe manifestations) 2 by health authorities in China (mild/moderate [...]
COVID-19 Pandemic Guidance Document Version 1 (March 2020) Last updated on

In light of COVID-19 and the resultant rapid expansion of pharmacists’ roles, Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society has released a guideline for Malaysian pharmacists. COVID-19 Pandemic Guidance Document for Malaysian Pharmacists Version 1 (March 2020) outlines 3 main points that pharmacists can take to ensure optimum participation in the crisis together with other healthcare professionals. The main […]

COVID-19: Updates So Far & The Roles of Pharmacists in A Disease Outbreak Last updated on

Since our last article on COVID-19, so much has changed-the number of reported cases, better understanding of the virus’ characteristics, and its rebranding to COVID-19. After a harrowing month into the new decade, there’s finally some good news in 2020! This article will cover the rationale behind rebranding, latest statistics, and the roles of pharmacists […]

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV): Its Birth and Beyond Last updated on
  It has been a somber Chinese New Year - no, not just because of less ang paus - but because of the novel coronavirus that still continues to propagate across the entire globe. Having been declared a global health emergency, the virus has infected over 20 thousand people and proven fatal to 427.  Today, [...]
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The Pandemic Struggles series will not be complete without the doctors' perspectives. Being the key front-liner in triage, screening, diagnosis and prescribing, this battle to COVID-19 would have been lost without them. In our special two-part episode, we share a snippet of the challenges faced by a doctor who has been serving for 9 years [...]

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Four months into the Movement Control Order since 18th March 2020, life has never been the same for us anymore. Masks, hand sanitisers, QR codes for contact tracing, temperature checks… these are new norms as we re-enter our normal lives till this day. Who would have thought we are able to experience a pandemic in [...]

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Medical assistants - one of the frontliners that we are not as familiar with, but nonetheless key personnel in handling the pandemic. In this week's Pandemic Struggles, we take a look at the challenges that a medical assistant have during the toughest parts of the MCO. Can you introduce a little about yourself? My name [...]

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In this week's Pandemic Struggles, we take a closer look at one of the key personnel that often is underappreciated because of the intensity of the work they do: nurses. Easily the most labour-intensive role in the healthcare team, we got in touch with a nurse working in a hospital Emergency Department to understand the [...]

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Four years of pharmacy school - full of joy, tears, sweat, blood and sleepless nights. Sounds tough but it’s finally over with a new life journey ahead. As a pharmacy graduate, the next step is to become a pre-registered pharmacist aka PRP. Thanks to the liberalisation program, some of us can undertake our PRP training [...]