COVID-19 Pandemic Guidance Document Version 1 (March 2020) Last updated on

In light of COVID-19 and the resultant rapid expansion of pharmacists’ roles, Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society has released a guideline for Malaysian pharmacists. COVID-19 Pandemic Guidance Document for Malaysian Pharmacists Version 1 (March 2020) outlines 3 main points that pharmacists can take to ensure optimum participation in the crisis together with other healthcare professionals. The main […]

COVID-19: Updates So Far & The Roles of Pharmacists in A Disease Outbreak Last updated on

Since our last article on COVID-19, so much has changed-the number of reported cases, better understanding of the virus’ characteristics, and its rebranding to COVID-19. After a harrowing month into the new decade, there’s finally some good news in 2020! This article will cover the rationale behind rebranding, latest statistics, and the roles of pharmacists […]

[Update] Abolishment of Critical Allowance: The Verdict Last updated on

This is a third update on the ongoing case regarding the abolishment of BIPK. To understand the background of the story, be sure to have a read at it here. Second update can be found here.    All eyes were on the Cabinet since its announcement of the abolishment of the Critical Allowance (BIPK). Different […]

Abolishment of Critical Allowance: What, Why, and How now? Last updated on

Written by Bryan Tan – Marketing and Communications Associate at YPC, currently a PRP at a retail pharmacy, and pun enthusiast.   What? The critical allowance, or more commonly known as Bayaran Insentif Perkhidmatan Kritikal (BIPK) was a fund started in 1992 for jobs which fulfilled 2 criteria: 1) The job has low remuneration 2) […]

Clinical Pharmacokinetics Pharmacy Handbook 2nd Edition Last updated on

This Clinical Pharmacokinetics Pharmacy Handbook 2nd Edition contains the updated information and practice in Clinical Pharmacokinetics Pharmacy. Examples of real case scenario are included in each of the chapter for a better understanding in calculation concept and application. The handbook can be downloaded here.