Health Minister’s response to PRPs’ concerns: Government is not obliged to absorb all pharmacists who complete graduate training

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By Bryan Tan Van Hong

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Many of you might have read posts or articles about the issues faced by provisionally registered pharmacists (PRP) securing a place in the government sector after their 1-year training. This came about after the posting results of the first batch of contract Fully Registered Pharmacists (FRPs) in the public sector was released.

Many have expressed their worries and concerns over the fact that many were not absorbed into the government sector, with some even accusing the grading system to be flawed.

In response to this increased outcry, Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad has officially made a statement saying that the Government is not obliged to absorb every pharmacist who has completed graduate training or mandatory training into the civil service.

“Those released can serve in the private sector as pharmacists holding the Type A Poisons Licence in community pharmacies, hospitals and private healthcare centres as well as in the manufacturing, importing and exporting industries.

“They can also find jobs in the field of education and research in either the private sector or statutory bodies,” the Minister said.”

Datuk Seri Dr Dzukefly also stated that the reason for this is so that the Government appoints only the best talent based on the available vacancies.


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