Malaysia ranked #1 on Healthcare Index Score Last updated on

In the beginning of 2019, lifestyle and living website International Living published its list of the World’s Best Place to Retire in 2019. The list was started 29 years ago and is still being updated every single year since then. With a huge team which covers 5 continents, its research and methodologies are second to […]

A Bed of R.O.S.E.S for Women in Malaysia Last updated on

On Jan 14, 2019, our Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail launched the Removing Obstacles to Cervical Screening (R.O.S.E.), a pilot programme launched by Universiti Malaya (UM) and VCS Foundation (VCSF) of Australia. This programme was first mentioned in an article by the Star back in 2017. A memorandum of understanding […]

Family planning a human right Last updated on
Shush! Family planning – a common taboo in our society. Many still tread lightly around this topic. Family planning education is important and should be made available to everyone. Due to the lack of education, it is not a surprise that unintended pregnancies are still occurring. Other areas that also contribute to this are the [...]
2019 New Year Resolution: Have a Pair of Healthier Lungs? Last updated on

Here is a reminder to the smoking ban at eateries which will be officially implemented in 3 days’ time. Like many other laws, it has garnered mixed reactions and divided opinions from the public. Since its announcement back in October, many were sceptical and doubtful on the substance of this. Was the law really going […]