Pandemic Struggles Vol 2: Nurses Last updated on
In this week's Pandemic Struggles, we take a closer look at one of the key personnel that often is underappreciated because of the intensity of the work they do: nurses. Easily the most labour-intensive role in the healthcare team, we got in touch with a nurse working in a hospital Emergency Department to understand the [...]
While Waiting for My PRP… Last updated on
Four years of pharmacy school - full of joy, tears, sweat, blood and sleepless nights. Sounds tough but it’s finally over with a new life journey ahead. As a pharmacy graduate, the next step is to become a pre-registered pharmacist aka PRP. Thanks to the liberalisation program, some of us can undertake our PRP training [...]
Pandemic Struggles: Vol 1 – The Pharmacists Last updated on
Photo Credits: Bro Don't Like That La Bro; If COVID-19 was an Anime; Part 4, 3/10 They were shunned because they were thought as carriers. They were criticized because of the hassle of all the procedures. Alone, isolated, thanklessly they had to continue to toil in their puffy suits to ensure the public that hated [...]
Diabetics’ Dilemma: To Puasa or Not to Puasa? Last updated on
It’s the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims fast from sunup to sundown for 29-30 days. Healthy Muslims have to abstain from eating, drinking, taking oral medications, smoking and involving in sexual activities about 12-14 hours daily in Malaysia. Individuals with chronic diseases including diabetes are exempted from fasting if their condition is severe or [...]
Hand Sanitizers – A new way of life Last updated on
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to leave our norms into an uncharted course of life. Let’s just get it straight, while all of us do practice personal hand hygiene,not all of us are into it; “Water is enough”, “No dirt not very dirty leh”. However, ever since the global emergency, the Ministry of Health [...]