The Reality of COVID-19 Infection Risk Among Healthcare Workers Last updated on
Early this year, videos of healthcare workers (HCWs) from China went viral. They were shown worrying for their own and their family’s health after handling COVID-19 patients. That fear reached our shores ever since Malaysia reported our first COVID-19 case, and unfortunately it was not left unfounded. In mid-September, Health Minister Dr Adham Baba announced [...]
RX Plus Vol 3: Jack of All Trades Last updated on
With the final part of the trilogy, we would like to take a look at a journey that went far off the beaten track. Our final main character has seen many things and worn many hats, having been in both the private and public sectors. Without further ado, let’s listen to Mr Aqil’s story. 1. [...]
RX Plus Vol 2: Change, the Constant Last updated on
Our generation has a problem with choices. From quarrelling over evidence-based choice of antibiotics to debating the venue for dinner, we seem to have a problem choosing the “path to walk down.” Even in the pharmacy world, graduates have to pause to think the path they wish to walk down – to take care of [...]
RX Plus Vol 1: Beyond Limits Last updated on
“So… what’s the plan after our contract ends?” “Meh, it’s a long way more.  I’ll think about it then.” The above conversation is pretty much the answer I got from each PRP (and to a certain extent, FRPs) that I meet. In case you wonder why that sounds so familiar - well, that’s because it’s [...]
A Special Address: World Pharmacists Day 2020 – Transforming Global Health Last updated on
The theme for this year’s World Pharmacists Day is Transforming Global Health. It highlights the transformative role pharmacists play in the life and wellbeing of our communities, especially in these times of a pandemic. In support of this vision of transformation, the FIP recently launched 21 development goals to transform the pharmacy profession over the [...]