Diverse Skills, One Passion – Role of A Dietitian Last updated on
Written by Yi Chien - Certified Dietitian and Founder of HOMEY A dietitian is a trained health professional who specializes in food and nutrition based on medical problems. Dietitians apply the science of nutrition and translate it into practical methods to enable people to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices. We work with the healthy [...]
The Hospital Call Last updated on
Written by Laura Buckley - creator of 'Mum Does Drugs' and Primary Care Network Pharmacist, National Health Service, United Kingdom The phone rings and they’re all too busy to answer. and the pharmacist is talking to someone with cancer. No-one wants to break off as distraction leads to mistakes, But when the phone rings again [...]
Macrolide: ‘BANG” on the Rhythm Last updated on
Written by J. Z. Low - Clinical pharmacist, and a photography enthusiast. Macrolides are one of the antibiotics that are widely prescribed for ranges of infectious diseases including upper and lower respiratory tract diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and certain skin infections caused by zoonotic origins. The widespread use of macrolides rises a concern in their [...]
My journey in providing patient care from bedside to bench Last updated on
Dr Nusaibah Abdul Rahim - Lecturer, School of Pharmacy, Taylor’s University & Secretary and Academic Representative of the MPS Hospital Pharmacy Chapter. When I began my pharmacy journey as a student, I always thought that I would be a community pharmacist and own my dream pharmacy. As a child, I had a fear of going [...]
How do you serve the Deaf community as a pharmacist? Last updated on
Written by Elizabeth Chong - PRP, Sime Darby Medical Centre and Assistant Marketing & Communications of MPS-YPC The word – communication plays such a major role in the profession of a pharmacist. As I reflect on my student days, I was more concerned about learning drug pharmacology and disease states that I had neglected the [...]