Pandemic Struggles Vol 4: Doctors (Part I) Last updated on
The Pandemic Struggles series will not be complete without the doctors' perspectives. Being the key front-liner in triage, screening, diagnosis and prescribing, this battle to COVID-19 would have been lost without them. In our special two-part episode, we share a snippet of the challenges faced by a doctor who has been serving for 9 years [...]
Subtle Reminders: We are NOT out in the clear (yet) Last updated on
Four months into the Movement Control Order since 18th March 2020, life has never been the same for us anymore. Masks, hand sanitisers, QR codes for contact tracing, temperature checks… these are new norms as we re-enter our normal lives till this day. Who would have thought we are able to experience a pandemic in [...]
Pandemic Struggles Vol 3: Medical Assistants Last updated on
Medical assistants - one of the frontliners that we are not as familiar with, but nonetheless key personnel in handling the pandemic. In this week's Pandemic Struggles, we take a look at the challenges that a medical assistant have during the toughest parts of the MCO. Can you introduce a little about yourself? My name [...]
Pandemic Struggles: Vol 1 – The Pharmacists Last updated on
Photo Credits: Bro Don't Like That La Bro; If COVID-19 was an Anime; Part 4, 3/10 They were shunned because they were thought as carriers. They were criticized because of the hassle of all the procedures. Alone, isolated, thanklessly they had to continue to toil in their puffy suits to ensure the public that hated [...]
Work From Home Struggles Last updated on
Work plays a very big part of our livelihood and in fact, we spend roughly 90,000 hours of our lifetime at work. While many of us may grumble over the woes of having to sling the pills to pay the bills, this very workplace also provides us an escapism. For some, it’s the me-time away [...]