Family planning a human right

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By Elizabeth Chong Yie-Chuen

A registered pharmacist on the path less trodden – A research assistant @ Monash University, #InclusionHealth advocate and a softie for all things cute

Shush! Family planning – a common taboo in our society. Many still tread lightly around this topic. Family planning education is important and should be made available to everyone. Due to the lack of education, it is not a surprise that unintended pregnancies are still occurring. Other areas that also contribute to this are the minimal family planning services made available, incorrect use of contraceptive methods and poverty.

In this ‘Contraception Conundrum’ interview with 1TWENTY80 Magazine, Cedric Chua, our very own Deputy Chairperson of the MPS-YPC sheds some light on the importance of contraception and debunks some of its myths. He also highlights the certain roles a pharmacist or healthcare professional can assume to better equip their customers on family planning.

“It is important because every pregnancy should be wanted, and every childbirth safe”

It’s high time we cleared the air on Family Planning! Awareness is key!