Introductory Talk to the Tobacco Free Generation Concept

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By Elizabeth Chong Yie-Chuen

A registered pharmacist on the path less trodden – A research assistant @ Monash University, #InclusionHealth advocate and a softie for all things cute

Sometime in late February, we had the privilege to attend a talk conducted by the co-founder of the Tobacco Free Generation International (TFGI), Dr Koong. Other than ourselves, respected representatives from the Malaysian Women’s Action for Tobacco Control and Health (MyWATCH) group such as Dr Samsinar Hussain, Dr Zarihah & Dr Lydia were also present at this meeting.

This was our first introduction to the concept of the Tobacco Free Generation (TFG); an endgame for tobacco addiction. TFG is a social movement that encourages a selected generational cohort from a pre-set cutoff year to say NO to tobacco use and to not fall prey to the tempting lures of tobacco use. The meeting first opened up with the Dr Koong shedding light to the current laws which have been in placed by the government on the sale and consumption of tobacco. The concept of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) was further elaborated by Dr Zarihah which provided us insight on what the many countries were doing to reduce the demand and supply of tobacco. Naomi, a practising pharmacist in Singapore and Dr Lynn, a practising doctor in a Singaporean hospital also shared on the current pitfalls with the current laws on tobacco use and their success stories on the TFG in Balanga City, Philippines.

The exchange of knowledge between members of the TFGI, MyWATCH and YPC was indeed beneficial as it further strengthened pharmacist-doctor collaborations with the ultimate goal of improving the public’s health outcomes. The concept of TFG delivers a strong message to all.

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