Pharmaceutical Industry Pharmacists’ Insights (PIPI) 3.0

PIPI 3.0 was in collaboration with MPS Industrial Chapter on the goal of profession value driven and set to spill the beans featuring a revolutionary theme, Beyond “A”normous where it describes pharmacists’ value beyond Poison A license holder. A forum regards industrial pharmacists’ value had taken place with the input and sharing by PhAMA, MOPI, MAPS, MPS and Pharmacy Board Malaysia.

Pharmacy is definitely one of the greatest professions in the healthcare industry yet it is not being fully appreciated and valued in Malaysia. At present, with the extraordinary input of pharmacy profession in the pharmaceutical industry, appreciation and profession endorsement will be able to empower pharmacists to stay strong and be recognised as the healthcare system collaborator, a pharmaceutical industry player, and most importantly as the game changer.

PIPI 3.0 Concise Report