MIHS 2019

Since its inception in 2016, Malaysian Innovative Healthcare Symposium(MIHS) has achieved astounding success in convening more than eight hundreds of professionals, entrepreneurs and students alike to deepen their understanding on health innovation. MIHS is the platform to be for the merger of healthcare and innovations, that prompt discussion and exchange of ideas, strategies and solutions to integrate innovative processes and  technologies that drive better patient care development and expansion in local healthcare industry. In recent years, healthcare industry around the globe is starting to acknowledge that clinical intervention is only represent a fraction of the impact of patient’s overall well-being. Addressing with the theme this year “Flipping the switch for Better patient engagement”, we aim to explore and discover the needs of adopting patient-centered type of service and the applicability of healthcare innovation in redesigning and improving the paradigm of patient continuum care, from precare, at the point care, to post care.

  • Date: 17th August 2019
  • Time: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm
  • Venue: Monash University Malaysia



17th August 2019 (Saturday)
0830 – 0900Registration + Exhibition booth visits + networking
0900 – 0950Opening Ceremony

0955 – 1015

Keynote (1) Innovating health to enhance Patient Engagement

Keynote Speaker: Dr Feisul Idzwan Mustapha, Public Health Physician, Deputy Director of Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia

Brief introduction:

Effective patient engagement involves positive healthcare provider-patient relationship that continues even after the patient steps out of the clinic. Discover how emergence of innovative and digital healthcare & new care-connected programs are needed to be designed to improve the public health in Malaysia.

1015 – 1055Discussion Forum (1) – Behavioural changes: What’s our roles and how hard it is

Moderator: Dr Feisul Idzwan Mustapha, Public Health Physician, Deputy Director of Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia


  1. Gina Koay Wan Lee [Community Pharmacist, City Wellness Pharmacy Sdn Bhd & Chairman of WomenBizSENSE]
  2. Khor Xin Yun [CEO of Walnut Wellness of LeadingHealth]
  3. Ellisha Othman, [Clinical Psychologist & Managing director of SOLS Health]
  4. Dr Shanti S. Mugunen [Medical Officer, MOH & Representative of National Diabetes Institutes (NADI)]

Brief Introduction:

As both providers and patients hold the responsibility for long-term outcomes, engagement is just the very first step of behavioural change in healthcare. Panelists will look into the core issues from various angles and discover how the adoption and incorporation of health technology and innovation will improve the poor self-care, health literacy and continuous care process in Malaysia

1055 – 1145Dialogue – The leading edge of Health Coaching: Empowering patients in the myriad of daily health decisions

Moderator: Mr Lim Jack Shen, AGM, Business Development at Berjaya Corporation of TIGAS PHARMACY, Honourable Treasurer of MPS


    1. Dr Tiffanie Ong [Chief Operating Officer of Naluri]
    2. Gina Koay Wan Lee [Community Pharmacist, City Wellness Pharmacy Sdn Bhd & Chairman of WomenBizSENSE]
    3. Associate Professor Dr Rosmini Binti Omar [Patients for Patient Safety (PFPSM) Committee Member, MSQH]

Brief introduction:

Evidence that people do not achieve sustainable change by being told what to eat, exercises to perform, proper lifestyle arrangement and not adhering to treatment regime are helping to fuel job growth in the health coaching field. How can these supportive mentors help patients tailor their individualized wellness programs? Who can be health coaches? What are the requirements for healthcare providers to be part of health coaches?  What are the advancement opportunities available in Malaysia?

1145 – 1335Lunch + Prayer + Exhibition booth visits + networking
1335 – 1405Care Concierge : Specialized Care at Your Home

Speaker: Mr Martin Yap Lu Hoong, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of My Care Concierge

Brief introduction:

The demands of caregiving to loved ones who are on the road of recovery can be overwhelming and challenging, especially when one has to juggle with other equally important responsibilities such as career and family. This session will look into the new healthcare delivery model that has been made possible with the advancement of technology and internet which lessens human’s burden and provides independent living with the help of nurses and trained caregivers so patients can remain in the comforts of their home.

1405 – 1505Forum Discussion – Is Malaysia ready for EMR? 

Brief introduction:

Building towards the first integrated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in connecting the health & patient database of nationwide public facilities as proposed by the Minister of Health Malaysia, panelists will explore the readiness of Malaysia in adopting this technology and the form of EMR that is required in our country. What is the future scene of care & new service as well as paradigm of care that can be achieved through the adoption of EMR? Should community pharmacy also be given access to the EMR for better patient care?

1505 – 1545Closing Ceremony + Prize Giving Ceremony

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