Malaysian Innovative Healthcare Symposium (MIHS): The Big I Competition

The Big ‘I’ Competition was first introduced as part of the Malaysian Innovative Healthcare Symposium (MIHS) 2019 with the purpose of driving creative solutions and innovative concepts to improve the current healthcare models in Malaysia. It was hoped that the novel ideas provided by the participants can be transformed into a practical reality, which when implemented will lead to positive changes.

In today’s increasingly connected world, e-health is becoming an emerging field which distributes health services through the internet or related technologies. This indirectly indicates that e-health technology is a leading way for patients to manage their health. Hence, the theme for the competition this year is Connected Care.

We received an overwhelming number of entries for our competition and out of that, we have shortlisted 4 teams as our finalists, who will be competing to be the winner of the Big I Competition 2020.

Come show your support to the team with best video/idea by voting below! The team whose video has the highest votes will be awarded the People’s Choice Award.

Voting period: 8th September 2020 – 14th September 2020 at 11:59 PM
Live Q&A: 12 Sep 2020 (10 AM – 11 AM)
All results will be released on 15th September 2020


1. PROJECT NAME: D-CARE (A Specialised Diabetes Care (SDC) application)

Team member: Hanusha A/P Durganaudu

As a medical student, I could witness the struggles of patients with chronic health problems first-hand, and one particular condition that stands out the most in terms of significant morbidity and impact is none other than Diabetes. Although many improvements have been made thus far in terms of prevention and management of Diabetes, rising prevalence and complication rates indicate that there is still a lot to be done in order to achieve favourable outcomes. This is precisely where D-CARE comes in. As a Specialised Diabetes Care (SDC) application which would serve as a virtual one-stop centre for diabetes care, D-CARE aims to bridge the gap between multidisciplinary healthcare teams and allow delivery of personalised diabetes care, education and support – all at the patients’ fingertips!

2. PROJECT NAME: PharmBot – Your Personal Pharmacy Assistant

Team member: Kang Ying Zhe

PharmBot is your digital personal pharmacy assistant. It provides e-pharmacy services that are user friendly, which aim to increase adoption of digital health among the elderly.

3. PROJECT NAME: Smart Diabetic Insole: A Design of Smart Device for Foot of Diabetic Patient in Malaysia

Team member: Ahmad Baihaqi Bin Ghazali

Currently, I’m studying at Universiti Sains Malaysia and pursuing a Degree in Mechatronic Engineering. Smart Diabetic Insole project is a DIY project by using the Arduino kit and some sensors that are available and affordable in the market. The objective of this project is to display the foot plantar pressure at certain important areas and foot temperature on the smartphone which can help in medical innovation.

4. PROJECT NAME: Forget Me Not: E-Health Platform for Overall Womens’ Sexual Health and Wellbeing

Team member: Vilashini Saravanan, Amanda Tan Yee Mun

We came up with this idea, a few years back when we were having an in-depth discussion about the issues faced by the females in Malaysia and their attitudes towards anything related to their sexual health, be it physical or mental.

Forget Me Not is an E-Health platform that is exclusively developed for women in Malaysia. This platform focuses on the overall wellbeing and sexual health of females. It provides up-to-date information on health issues related to the female reproductive system, sexually transmitted diseases as well as methods of contraception. Moreover, this platform aims to connect its users to the various women’s clinics, health centres and OBGYN’s in their area. A revolutionary feature of this platform is the online consultation feature which allows users to get in touch with physicians, pharmacists as well as psychologists to discuss any inquiries about their sexual wellbeing be it physical or mental. Users are also able to book appointments with the linked healthcare professionals in the privacy of their own home. Lastly, an online shop feature will allow users to purchase different forms of birth control that can be delivered to their doorstep.