Malaysian Innovative Healthcare Symposium (MIHS) 2019

Despite the variation of the definition of ‘patient engagement’ from different sources, similar foci is possessed with an ultimate goal of presenting a clinical slant by underscoring and emphasizing the interaction of patients with healthcare providers. This empower the patients to make competent and well-informed choices on their care confidently. Patient engagement always goes beyond a single clinical decision and the four walls of health facilities.

Adapting consumerism-based model and determining effective patient engagement strategies are becoming the priorities in healthcare delivery system and being touted as a potential market differentiator. According to World Health Organization (WHO), by improving health policies, practices, systems, technologies, services, and deliver methods through health innovation, the main keys ‘How the patient Is seen, how the patient is heard and how the patient’s needs are met’ are able to addressed for a better healthcare. With the current advancement in healthcare industry, it is critical for healthcare providers and the healthcare system itself to create and maintain a positive, lasting relationships with their patient, both current and prospective, working to attract as well as keep them into their network.

This year, instead of making health decisions based on conventional decisions, encounters of transactions, Malaysian Innovative Healthcare Symposium 2019, featuring nationally renowned experts and thought leaders in the fields of IT and healthcare, resurgence with a fresh new theme, “Flipping the switch for better patient engagement” set to address patient engagement by exploring and discovering how health innovation can redesign and improve the paradigm of patient continuum care, from pre-care, at the point of care, to post-care.

The event was held on 17th August 2019 (Saturday) from 8:30am to 4:00pm at Monash University Malaysia. By targeting emerging passionate professionals from all areas of healthcare, we strongly believe that this event served as an ideal platform to be exposed to powerful ideas, perspectives, necessary to innovate healthcare.

MIHS 2019 Concise Report