Malaysian Clinical Pharmacy Symposium (MCPS) 3.0

With the increasing aged population in Malaysia, the demand specialized care in elderlies is growing. In recent years, many pharmacy schools have started to adopted geriatric medicine into their curriculum to prepare the pharmacists with the silver tsunami. However, the penetration of knowledge among the pharmacists remains low. There is a dire lack of experts in this field: Geriatric medicine is among the rarest of medical specialties among doctors (34 specialists in the current Malaysia registry), let alone pharmacists who specialized in this field.

We have foreseen the necessity of advocating the young pharmacist to take on the interest in this field and decided the theme of MCPS 3.0 to be on geriatric pharmacy. This event was successfully held on the 16th of November 2019 (Saturday), at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. Different from the previous installments, we have also included a hands-on workshop that involves engaging discussions between the participants and the practicing geriatric pharmacist.

MCPS 3.0 Report